I’m Back!!!

So I took a year hiatus… Learned a few things about myself, went through some struggles and came out on top. In the process though I neglected my hair (sadly) had a couple of set backs, bad salon experiences and to tight weaves. However as of September I reverted back to being natural at a certain point you just get tired, tired of stringy ends and misshaped curls. So here are my rules for myself:

1. No weave till the end of December possibly.
2. No heat on a regular basis, just at the end of the month to do length checks.
3. Moisturize my hair when needed.
4. Find my holy grail of products.
That’s what I have brainstormed so far, I will keep you posted on my journey. Also I started to do youtube videos so that you can see what I’m doing, and what works for my hair.
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