High Bun Tutorial

A high bun is very chic, and stylish and suites any woman that wears it. How people achieve their perfect or messy bun is different. In this tutorial I did not want it to be super big like I normally wear it. So in order for me to tone it down I had to add an commonly used item in a different manner.

Check out the entire video on my YouTube channel Bri Rose.

Materials Needed

  • Sock
  • Bobby pins
  • Ponytail holder
  • Brush 
  • Gel: Design Essentials Honey Curl Forming Custard


  • Brush hair up into a high ponytail
  • Grab the tip of the ponytail 
  • Apply sock around the ponytail
  • Let the top go and spread hair around the sock
  • Twist, tuck and pin the ends until you get the desired look

I did this style right after a braidpit which elongated my hair. However the high bun can be achieved on freshly washed hair as well. 

How do you achieve your high bun? How often do you rock a high bun?

Much Love, 



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